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Unveiling the legacy of Records: A musical odyssey since 2000

A journey through the vibrant world of Records


Welcome to the enchanting world of Records, a Swiss electronic music powerhouse. Since its founding in 2000, this iconic label has been a beacon of innovation, creativity and limitless musical expression. Led by visionary music producer Mr. Dee Swiss House, Records has carved a unique niche in the industry by showcasing exceptional talent and pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Join us on a journey through the illustrious history and captivating offerings of this esteemed label.

The origins of Records

In the vast Swiss music landscape, Records became a trailblazer in 2000, driven by a passion for electronic sounds and a vision for artistic excellence. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs with a keen sense of talent, the label quickly became known and delighted audiences with its distinctive mix of genres and avant-garde productions.

The birth of a musical revolution:

Since its inception, Records has been at the forefront of a musical revolution, redefining the electronic music scene with its innovative approach and groundbreaking releases. From pulsating beats to ethereal melodies, every track released under the label's banner is a testament to the tireless commitment to musical excellence.

Pioneer of the Swiss music scene:

As one of the pioneering forces of the Swiss music scene, Records has had a decisive influence on the country's music landscape. With its eclectic selection of artists and cross-genre releases, the label has gained recognition both locally and internationally, cementing its reputation as a powerhouse of creativity and talent.

Mr. Dee Swiss House: The maestro behind the music

The heart of Records is the visionary music producer Mr. Dee Swiss House. Known for his unparalleled talent and tireless dedication to his craft, Mr. Dee Swiss House has been instrumental in shaping the label's distinctive sound and identity.

A musical visionary:

With a career spanning two decades, Mr. Dee Swiss House has established himself as a true visionary in the world of electronic music. His innovative productions, infectious beats and infectious melodies have earned him a loyal fan base and recognition from music lovers around the world.

Pushing boundaries, defining genres:

Driven by a relentless passion for innovation, Mr. Dee Swiss House continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, constantly exploring new sonic territories and defying genre conventions. His fearless experimentation and limitless creativity have cemented his legacy as one of the industry's most influential figures.

Exploring the diverse spectrum of talent

Crucial to the success of Records is the diversity of talented artists, each of whom brings their own flair and creativity. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, the label's lineup reflects a diversity of musical and artistic expression.

Iconic Collaborations:

One of the hallmarks of Records is its penchant for iconic collaborations, bringing together artists from different fields and genres to create truly groundbreaking music. Whether it's a fusion of house and techno or an exploration of ambient soundscapes, these collaborations are an example of the label's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Spotlight on rising stars:

In addition to its established artists, Records is dedicated to supporting the next generation of music talent. Through its artist development programs and mentorship initiatives, the label provides aspiring musicians the tools, resources and support they need to succeed in the competitive music industry.

A legacy of innovation and excellence

As we reflect on the illustrious journey of Records, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the label's legacy of innovation and excellence continues to resonate with music lovers around the world. From its humble beginnings to its status as a global powerhouse, Records remains a testament to the transformative power of music and the enduring spirit of creativity.

Embrace the future:

As the music industry evolves and new trends emerge, Records remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and artistic integrity. With its finger on the pulse of the latest musical developments, the label continues to break new ground and explore new boundaries to ensure its legacy endures for generations to come.

A tribute to the artists:

At its core, Records is a tribute to the artists who breathe life into the music and drive the label's creative vision. From the producers and DJs to the singers and instrumentalists, every artist associated with the label plays an important role in shaping the label's identity and contributing to its continued success.

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